The Mariachi Conservatory Community Ensemble Celebrates Mexican Independence Day!

On Sunday September 17th The Mariachi Conservatory Community Ensemble made their debut appearance at Plaza Cultura y Arte located in the historical Plaza Olvera to celebrate Mexican Independence Day and Hispanic Heritage Month.  The celebration was filled with delicious mexican food, Mexican Handicrafts, and of course mariachi music.  The crowd watched in amazement as the young students from The Mariachi Conservatory beginning and intermediate voice class belted out their rendition of Arboles de La Barranca, Yo No Fui, Rosa Maria, Viva México, and Guadalajara.  Many spectators energetically clapped along with the young mariachi vocalists while they put on smiles, danced and yelled “Viva México”!  Soon after they finished their stellar performance, the crowd grew silent as four foot 9 year old Ariana Mendieta steadily walked up center stage to deliver her powerful solo introduction of “El Cascabel”, a traditional son jarocho from the Mexican state of Veracruz.   The afternoon was filled with joy, celebration, and pure family fun.  We would like to congratulate our amazing students and also thank Ximena Martin of Plaza Cultura y Arte for inviting The Mariachi Conservatory students. 

Photo Credit: Bob Bernal Jr. 

TMC Community Ensemble Youtube Video!

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