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Mariachi Rocks at Amoeba Music

On Friday September 16th, The Mariachi Conservatory Community Ensemble along with Mariachi VoZ de America celebrated Mexican Independence Day at Amoeba Music Hollywood with some traditional mariachi music and a small twist of Blink 182’s “All the Small Things”.   That’s right mariachi punk!  In collaboration with Mariachi VoZ de America whom had been hired by Blink 182 in 2009 to cover six of their hits for their kick off tour, the group decided to make a surprise reprise of their cover of “All the Small Things” with the students of The Mariachi Conservatory from Boyle Heights, Los Angeles.  It was the first time TMC students had set foot at Amoeba Music and they were simply in awe of the aisles of music surrounding them and the roar of applause as they finished their stellar performance.



Mariachi: “My Identity and Passion”

Richard Mata is an advocate of Mariachi music. It is a universal music that is embraced by Asia, Europe and South America. A musical form with humble beginnings and now recognized for its musical complexity that demands virtuosity and versatility.

Originally a “metal head”, Richard found Mariachi as an adolescent, it became his passion and a life-changing event.

Richard Mata founded The Mariachi Conservatory in 2007, with his wife Esperanza Juarez. Their efforts are captured in the documentary titled: “Canto de Familia”. The mission of the Conservatory is to teach the art form, preserve it and develop musical talent in Boyle Heights and its surrounding communities.